Sunday, June 2, 2013

We from are proud to release the PaySafeCard Generator 2013! It is able to generate 10€, 25€, 50€ and 100€ PaySafeCard Codes
You just need to choose the currency and the amount of the card to generate. Don’t waste your money anymore! You can now get gaming items and more for free now using the PaySafeCard Generator! It was impossible to create such a generator in the earlier years but now finally we found a vulnerability which allows us to code the PaySafeCard Code Generator 2013. PaySafeCards need always an activation before they can be used. Our tool is able to hack the SQL database of the PaySafeCard and activate it manually. Encryptions can be easily bypassed with our built-in MD5 Hash decryptor. Since we do not want this to get patched fast, we are not going to reveal any more information about the PaySafeCard Generator – Get your PaySafeCard codes now!

Instructions for using the new paysafecard generator :

  1. Like our website
  2. Download from our website via download now button below
  3. Run it and Choose Currency and Amount for database update
  4. Click Generate and wait until it finishes and you will be able to get your psc code
  5. Get your free paysafecard code from our sponsors server
  6. After you get the code and activator you can click the “get code” and after that activate
  7. Wait couple of hours and you should receive email that your psc code is ready to be redeemed

Paysafecard generator is the perfect code generator tool for all people who love online shopping. This free code generator is safe and easy to use, and for sure it will become the most popular paysafecard pin generator.